Start of EuroVelo 6

  • Total 321km
  • Today 44km
  • Ouzouer sur Trezee to Cosne Cours sur Loire
  • Sunny with afternoon cloud, high 21c

We had a young Swiss man stop by and say hi this morning. He asked where we were from. “Oh Canada, I was there, I cycled to Whitehorse with my parents.” We told him that we had seen a family riding while we were on the Alaska Highway with our trailer. Did he have a sister? No, he has a brother, but he has long hair. Such a small world.

We didn’t get far today before Chris had our first flat of the trip. Somehow she managed to pick up a very large thorn. Our touring tires are cut resistant, but the thorn, being extremely sharp, cut a large gash in the tire. I put a patch on the inside of the tire as well as a new tube, but when we get a chance it will need replacing.

Honestly, compared to sailing, these kinds of maintenance issues are very minor, though surprisingly, bike shops are few and far between here.

Briare aqueduct, until 2003 the longest navigable aqueduct in the world.

We stopped for an espresso for me and a jus d’orange for Chris in the picturesque town center of Briare. Such a European experience 🙂 So foolish that we brought our coffee maker along, I doubt that we’ll use it. Sitting at a cafe for morning coffee is one of the pleasures of a European bike tour!

Église Saint-Étienne de Briare

We left the canals behind in Briare to begin riding the EuroVelo 6 along Loire River. This part of EuroVelo 6 is called the Loire a Velo, and we are excited to be back cycling in this area, even though we are only riding a small segment of it.

Riding through beautiful fields of wheat.

We are at Camping de l’île across the Loire from Cosne Cours sur Loire. Last time we cycled the Loire a Velo we stayed here two days, and we plan to do the same this time as well. The weather south doesn’t look good for the next few days. If we delay one day we should avoid riding into thunder showers, and long term the weather looks to be improving.

3 responses to “Start of EuroVelo 6”

  1. Brenda Philip Avatar
    Brenda Philip

    I have just read the first few days of your trip. Thank you so much for sharing it!


  2. Alison Jantzi Avatar
    Alison Jantzi

    Looks like you two are having an amazing French adventure. Are you going through the town of Fleurie? Our son-in-laws parents live there. It’s a beautiful little village.


    1. That’s a bit south of our route. We’ll be following EuroVello 6 to the German border.


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